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Stanley Kubrick - Photographer


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  • Duration 1 hour

  • Availability Tue – Sun from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM -- From 1 MAY to 25 AUG 2013




Genova’s Palazzo Ducale, in cooperation with the Museum of the City of New York and Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique is holding this unique photography exhibition devoted to the early work of the world famous film director of the 20th Century, Stanley Kubrick.

The aim of this exhibition is to explore and discover an aspect of Kubrick’s life that is not generally celebrated – at the young age of 17 the artist took a picture of a newspaper sales man on the street, crushed emotionally after hearing the news of Roosevelt’s assassination. This image inspired the editors of the magazine ‘Look’ to hire him as photo reporter.

The young Stanely went on to document various aspects of life in New York in post-war times, developing his own unique style of trying create pictures that capture the depth and difficulties of New Yorkers’ everyday life.

This photography exhibition is organized in themes, following some of Kubrick’s most successful stories built through photography – from the story of a young shoe shine, to ‘Paddy Wagon’ the police prison truck and the officers in their everyday life to the circus artists of New York, visitors will have a ticket to see these and other moments of Kubrick’s young work.

Also many of the pictures on display have been developed from the original negatives for the first time to be put shown in Genoa’s Doge’s Palace.

Though Kubrick’s career as a photographer lasted just about 5 years, this time in his life was a moment of great formation and inspiration. It is in fact said that though he no longer published photographs after his ‘Look’ times, he always carried around with him the issues of the magazine that published his pictures, and from these he found inspiration for many of his movies and characters. 


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