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Affkt & Fernando Lagreca - Summer Heroes 003 Rrr

Disponibilità: Thursday, 19 July 9:45 PM
Durata: Flessibile
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Summer Heroes - Every Thursday at LaTerrrazza Open Air Barcelona


Affkt is undoubtedly one of the most versatile faces in our country. Creator and head of the Sincopat Valencian label, a sound that has crossed borders and is resonating globally thanks to a selection of creators of trends that cross the established limits. Marc Martínez Nadal, also known as Affkt, has been a driving force behind a colorful, deep, exciting and perfectionist sound with references in other labels such as Suara, Noir Music or Kling Klong.

His latest album "Son Of Thousand Sounds" has been praised by national and international critics, by cabin mates, clubbers from around the world. Affkt is committed to a life of synthesis and this is what distinguishes it from a relatively superficial look at dance music.


Back in 2012 the Bolivian seated in Barcelona Fernando Lagreca hit the table with 'Childhood Is All We Have' with a completely new sound to everything that was being done in our country. Surely this made him be in the crosshairs of all musical criticism. Constant work led him to publish the long 'Control' in 2014. Success that led him to festivals such as Sónar or BIME, and signing references with labels like Envy, Sincopat, Beautiful Accident or Musex Industries, or being the opening act for Jan Blomqvist in his tour of Spain.

This year will also bring a new album with a more techno sound at low bpms, combined with electronic and flight melodies, as well as to see it on stage (Fernando only acts in live format) with a complete set of hardwares and synthesizers.


"I do not think a biography of Dj is necessary. Let the music speak. Everything else is just ego shit. I've been playing house music since 1999. That's all I have to say. " This is the letter of presentation of Planktom, head of the Bavarian-Barcelona label Black Bouwie Records, with a strong line that covers almost all the clubs of house, deep and forceful basses, motivating melodies always in search of happiness and much groove. If you give the Play to a Black Bouwie song, you will undoubtedly know that it is yours.

Genres: House,Deep House,Electronic

Lines Up: AFFKT,Fernando Lagreca,Planktom

Atmospheres: International,Outdoor

Door Policies: Come as you are

Age Policies: +18

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