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Sri Lanka Discovery Tour: Agricultural Life & Traditional Cooking
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  • Discover the beauty and serenity of rural Sri Lanka while contributing to the education and livelihood of local community members..Experience the stunning natural features of the Gin River during a peaceful, hand-oared boat ride that helps preserve the area's fragile aquatic ecosystem..Learn about the intricacies of Sri Lankan agricultural practices, tour local farms, and use freshly harvested ingredients to make a meal steeped in tradition.
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Gin River Safari Starting at 8 am, you will experience the lifeline of the Galle district, which is almost 120 km long, and serves as a homeground for the region's diverse array of flora and fauna. Discover the beauty of the Gin River without causing any damage to its aquatic life by forgoing engine-driven motor boats in favor of authentic, hand-oared canoes. If you're interested in the true river experience (and an arm workout), you can even paddle the boats yourself while sipping on refreshing mangrove apple juice. Lifejackets are provided. The Curd, The Paddy, The Chenas and Semi-Urban LifestyleAt 9:30 am, you will explore the beautiful Meepawala/Holuwagoda area of Sri Lanka where lifestyle practices are largely based around agriculture. Experience Sri Lankan agricultural tradition through visits to rice paddy fields, ‘Chenas', and vegetable beds. Have the opportunity to learn about and taste Curd, traditional Sri Lankan yogurt, as well as purchase locally farmed vegetables for the cooking activity to follow. The Sri Lankan KitchenAt 11:30 am, immerse yourself in a traditional Sri Lankan culinary experience and prepare your own lunch using fresh, local ingredients along the way! Learn about the cooking culture and household customs of Sri Lanka through one-on-one conversations with locals as you craft a typical lunch together. Finish off your meal and enriching conversations with a unique Sri Lankan dessert. Tour price includes:Recyclable water bottleLocally manufactured cloth bags for shopping and carryingKitchen facility to prepare a fertilizer-free organic Sri Lankan lunchLifejacketsRefreshmentsTransportation to all activities
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