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Premier League: West Ham United - Wolverhampton Wanderers 01-09-2018

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premier league: West Ham United - Wolverhampton Wanderers 01-09-2018 Stratford, London, UK

Tickets will be delivered minimum 1 day before the match in the hotel from the client. We ask for full local hotel details in city centre (arrivaldate, phonenumber and reservationname are very important).

Plastic cards
As 90% of these are plastic cards, we also add an instruction letter and returnenvelope. Please make sure to return the tickets immediately after the match so our agent can pick them up.

Date & Time
Please check the premier league website for possible fixture changes/kick-off times as these are subject to change. We try to provide you the exact match dates.

Seating in pairs
We guarantee to seat you in pairs (Two together).

Seating three together or more
When you need three tickets or more we'll do our best to seat you together; however, we cannot guarantee it. If you MUST sit together, kindly check availability with our team, by phone or e-mail. In most cases we will be able to confirm a specific request or offer an alternative solution.

Date & Time
The exact date and time of the Premier League fixtures will be announced about 6 weeks prior the match weekend. Due to new rules, kick-off will be not before Friday 20.00 hr and not after Monday 22.00 hr local time. If a weekend's match will be changed and be played between the above time range, we do not take responsibility if client's cannot attend the match. Please keep this in mind while booking a trip / tickets. We will update you as much as possible about date changes, with our daily newsletter.

Cup Fixture Schedules
In case the Premier League teams will be playing Capital One Cup and FA Cup matches, which are scheduled during the PL weekends, the PL games will be postponed. In case a PL game will be postponed, we will change the ordered match to a match within the same match city during that weekend. Hereby the Cup dates which must be notified:

League Cup Final - Sunday 24-2-2019
FA Cup Quarter Finals - Weekend 16-3-2019
FA Cup Semi Finals - Weekend 6-4-2019


The Hospitality we can offer is including the following:
- Halfway line seats
- Access to The Academy lounge 2 ½ hours before kick off
- Refreshments and snacks available to purchase
- Access to private cash bar facilities
- VIP entrance on the West stand
- Programme and team sheets to be handed out by hostesses
- Complimentary drink at half time (beers, wines + soft drinks)

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You will receive your tickets either by e-mail or by mail to the address you provided us one (1) week before the event date
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