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Myanmar Adventure Tour: Trek Inle Lake and Local Villages
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  • Discover the natural beauty of the Inle Lake and its surrounding villages while positively impacting the livelihood of its communities..Eat a traditional, hand-prepared meal..Visit a monastery and sip on green tea while taking in breathtaking views.
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Start off the tour by getting picked up from the Inle Lake Hotel or your residential location. Then, drive 15 minutes to NyungShwe, the starting point of your immersive 5-hour natural adventure trek. There, you will walk through small farming ranges that include tea-leaf and coffee plantations. Walk from village to village through spectacular highland scenery and experience stunning views of the Inle Lake Wetland Sanctuary. Halfway through your tour, you will encounter KhongSoin village, where you will have lunch at a local school, enjoying a traditional meal that has been hand-prepared by your guide. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with locals, and then continue your exploration of the area surrounding Inle Lake. Trek through neighboring tribal villages Danu and TaungYoe, experience Intha culture firsthand, and learn about the daily lives of Intha people. Stop for a trek break at a monastery and nibble on local snacks and green tea, before finishing your tour at the scenic village of MaingThouk.
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