The Egyptian Museum of Turin

Egyptian Museum of Turin tickets and guided visit

There is no need to go to Egypt to relive the ancestral and magical charm of ancient Pharaohs' civilization. That of Turin is the oldest Egyptian muse...

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Bezoek het historische centrum van Turijn terwijl u slentert door de majestueuze pleinen: vanaf Piazza Castello, de oude zetel van koninklij...

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Bezoek het op een na belangrijkste museum ter wereld dat volledig is gewijd aan de Egyptische oudheden: je gids weet de belangrijkste tentoo...

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Met de Torino + Piemonte-kaart heeft u alle culturele en toeristische aanbiedingen van de Piemonte bij de hand! Trakteer jezelf op een stads...

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Dompel jezelf onder in het oude Egypte met een bezoek aan een van de mooiste musea in Turijn. Het Egyptisch Museum in Turijn biedt een uitge...

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This was the first Egyptian museum ever built and it's the second most important after the one in Cairo.
It started in the 19th century when King Charles Felix acquired around 5000 artifacts from the French General Consul, Bernardino Drovetti.
It's not one of Italy's most famous attractions but you're still going to have to queue. Book your ticket in advance or you'll wait for around an hour.
The entire collection is massive (there are around 30,000 artefacts). While only 6500 of these pieces are on display, enthusiasts can easily lose a whole day here.
If you don't have time to see everything make sure to see the Tombs of Kha, the Turin King List (an ancient record of Egyptian rulers) and the Temple of Ellesyia (a 3500-year-old temple cut from stone).

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There is no need to go to Egypt to relive the ancestral and magical charm of ancient Pharaohs' civilization. That of Turin is the oldest Egyptian museum in the world and the most important after that of Cairo. It all began in 1800 when Bernardino Drovetti from Piedmont, consul of France during the occupation of Egypt, collected over 8,000 artifacts such as statues, mummies, sarcophagi, papyrus, jewelry and amulets. In 1824 the Savoy king Carlo Felice bought this collection and so the Egyptian Museum of Turin was born.

The recent renovation has made the museum even more visitor-friendly. Entrance tickets go like hot cakes: this is one of the most visited sites in Italy. Moreover, its 300,000 artifacts (some kept in the warehouse of the museum) deserve to be admired. Booking a guided tour will help you avoid long lines at the entrance and delve into the history of an ancient and fascinating civilization.

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The Egyptian Museum of Turin Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6, 10123 Torino Turin
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