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Zoo d'Amnéville
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Zoo d'Amnéville tours and tickets

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Bilhete de entrada para o Zoológico de Amnéville
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Bilhete de entrada para o Zoológico de Amnéville

Reserve seu ingresso aberto para o Zoológico de Amnéville para conhecer Gisèle, uma girafa nascida em 2020, e descobrir mais de 2.000 animais de todo o mundo!

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With species from the Arctic to Africa, Zoo d’Amnèville is home to over 2,000 animals from five different continents. Feel like you’re on safari at the African Plain among elephants, giraffes, rhinos and more. Stare into the eyes of some big cats. Zoo d’Amnèville has tigers, jaguars, panthers and lions. Marine lovers can watch sea lions and penguins swim about – and the fascinating polar bears. Great apes and monkeys will have you chattering with joy, and don’t skip the reptile house and aviary too.

Book a special activity to become an animal caregiver’s assistant – get up close to your favourite species and feed them. Learn the hard work that goes into creating their natural environments. The park welcomes newborns to its family such as baby rhinos and orangutans which helps save endangered species. The park also supports the Borneo Nature Foundation’s mission.

Visiting is hungry work. There are four snack bars across the park and restaurants offering food to suit all tastebuds. The Masai has a spectacular panoramic terrace overlooking the African Plain. From October to March, explore techno-coloured trails of the Light Festival. You’ll see everything from dolphins to geometric lions shining in the dark. Don’t miss the showstopping colour-changing peacock. Zoo d’Amnèville is an animal lover’s dream.

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Zoo d'Amnéville 1 Rue du Tigre, 57360 Amnéville, France Amneville