Milan (Italy) - October 30th, 2013

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Ahead of its attendance at travel fair World Travel Market in London, Musement ( announced today new backing from venture capital firm 360 Capital Partners, Italian angel investors’ network IAG (Italian Angels for Growth) and other new investors. 

Total capital raised is 950,000 USD and will be used to fund the company's growth and expansion into new markets.

360 Capital Partners is a venture capital fund which invests in innovation throughout Europe, with a special focus on France and Italy, which has followed‐up and/or exited over 60 companies and has more than €300 million under management, provided by top tier international investors. The fund leverages a significant international network and co‐invested with major international VC funds in 9 countries.

IAG angels are also participating in the investment round. IAG (Italian Angels for Growth) is the largest and most active angel group in Italy, focused on seed and early stage investment in different industries such as Digital, Biotech, Cleantech, Social Enterprise, Medical Devices.
In IAG portfolio (22 companies overall) the investment in Musement follows three earlier deals in the digital space (namely Spreaker, Stereomood and ProxToMe).

"We are extremely pleased that both the main network of Italian angel investors and one of the leading VC funds in Continental Europe share our vision and will help us to implement it quickly” - said Alessandro Petazzi, CEO and co-founder of Musement “Having brought them on board will help us better serve global travelers interested in arts and culture, by accelerating our worldwide expansion, by increasing the number of institutions, ticketing platforms and tour operators we partner with and by investing in technology and marketing”.

After launching its public beta in April 2013, Musement intends to improve the way arts and cultural attractions are discovered and accessed by travelers around the world, by aggregating in a unified digital hub information, pertinent suggestions, booking for tickets, guided tours and audioguides for top museums, art exhibitions, heritage and archaeological sites around the world.

"360 Capital Partners has a tradition of investing in the luxury/fashion, food and travel industries, sectors in which Italian companies excel and which can possibly pave the way to the economic recovery we all long for" - stated Cesare Maifredi, General Partner at 360 Capital Partners. “Musement has the chance to become a key hub for arts and culture, providing both travelers and industry partners with a breadth and depth of services which currently has no par online”.

"As Italians and angel investors” - added Marco De Guzzis, IAG representative for the investment in Musement – “we are proud to invest in a startup of our country that, thanks to the breadth of services offered and their integration with high-quality content, can bring significant innovations to  cultural tourism around the globe. A strong team, an attractive business model and an under-served market are the key factors which have convinced us to invest in this promising Italian company going global."

Developed for the international market by four Italian entrepreneurs with different backgrounds in technology, business and the arts – Claudio Bellinzona, Paolo Giulini, Alessandro Petazzi and Fabio Zecchini –, the service currently encompasses a portfolio of venues and events in the main Italian cities and in the next few months will start offering information, tickets, tours and activities in the main EU countries.

Future plans include the launch of a mobile app to help customers discover new attractions and visit the places they have chosen and to add an aspect of of e-commerce for merchandising.

Key benefits for Customers:
Musement improves travelers’ experiences in various ways:

  •    Universal access: all information, tickets, guided tours and audioguides in just one place. 
  •    Sm(art) discovery: not only the best-known sites, but suggestions for the "hidden gems" known only by locals.
  •    No more lines: possibility to purchase advance tickets and skip the lines at all venues.
  •    Immediate confirmation, immediate entrance: booking is confirmed in real time and access tickets or vouchers are sent via email.
  •    Transparent rates + official tickets = no need to worry: Musement has established trusted partnerships with venues and cultural institutions.

Key benefits for Tourism Ecosystem:
Musement’s platform has been designed to benefit all main actors in the tourism value chain:

  • Museums, Ticketing platforms and Tour Operators:
    Distribution and communication channel targeted to an international audience, with no needs for them to invest in marketing or technology to keep up with latest trends.
  • Hotels:
    Booking hub for each concierge which can generate extra revenues and supports real-time availability confirmation and accounting and payment reconciliation.
  • Transport Companies and Travel Agencies (online and offline):
    Single hub to provide access to all relevant events and venues in the main cities which can be integrated in their shopping cart and/or in their loyalty programs.



Musement is your access to arts, made simple. Our mission is to fundamentally improve how people discover, access and experience museums, monuments, heritage sites and art events and attractions around the world, bringing unity and simplicity to such a fragmented market. Be inspired by our editorial team’s suggestions or find your favorite venue at The company is based in Milano, Italy. 

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About 360 Capital Partners

360 Capital Partners is a Venture Capital firm, investing in innovation at full scale, in Europe and more particularly in France and Italy. 360 Capital Partners is managed by a consolidated team which has cumulated 50+ years of Venture Capital experience in investing in, following‐up and/or exiting from over 60 companies and which have more than €300 million under management, provided by top tier international investors. 360 Capital Partners leverages an important international network, it co‐ invested with major international Venture Capital funds in 9 countries and have proven a top quartile track record as individuals and as a team in very different economic environments. 

About IAG

Italian Angels for Growth is the largest and most active angel group in Italy. Founded in 2007, it has over 100 business angels united by the goal of supporting and financing startups with a high level of innovation and growth potential. Through the investments of its members, IAG supports entrepreneurship, innovation and research in Italy, Europe and around the globe by helping to promote sustainable long term development.

IAG typical investment size ranges from € 300,000 to € 800,000 for innovative startups which are identified and scrutinized thanks to the relevant international experience of the majority of its members. Overall, IAG members represent a potential capital of € 20 million euro with current investments totalling more than $ 8.5 million, divided into 32 rounds of investment.

IAG members have contributed to the birth and growth of 22 innovative companies such as Spreaker, Stereomood, ProxToMe, Biogenera, S5Tech, Eugea, Win, SediciDodici, Agroils, Ohikia, Margherita Fingerguard, Angiodroid.



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