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Dead Interesting tour at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Доступность: Saturdays and Sundays
Продолжительность: 1 час, 30 минут
Язык: Английский
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  • Get an alternative view of one of Ireland's most famous cemeteries
  • Learn about the lesser known figures
  • Discover the sculpture, symbolism and architecture of the area

The Dead Interesting tour gives an alternative view of the varied heritage that Ireland’s largest cemetery holds and the history within its walls.

Visitors will learn of its sculpture, symbolism, architecture, art, sporting heroes, horticulture, natural life and much more.

They will visit the graves and hear the stories of little-known figures such as;

  • Maria Higgins, a woman who died once yet was buried twice in Glasnevin
  • An Irish chaplain who witnessed the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp
  • The man who cut the ribbon and opened Sydney Harbour Bridge when he wasn’t meant to
  • The vault that held secrets during the Irish War of Independence
  • And many more.

A tour that is for those both well acquainted with the cemetery and those who have never visited before, the secret history of Ireland’s most well-known cemetery.

Visitors will also learn about the harsh realities of life in Dublin in bygone times, hear the stories of gravediggers and grave robbers, cholera epidemics, and world wars. The natural beauty of the grounds merges with a who’s who of Irish history through which experienced, knowledgeable, and entertaining guides take visitors on a memorable journey through the impeccably preserved Victorian cemetery.

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is a 2018 Travellers’ Choice Award Winner.

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  • Guided tour
  • Entry into our City of the Dead Museum Exhibition
  • €5 worth of genealogy credits
  • 10% discount at the Tower Café

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Botanic, Dublin

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  • Tour duration 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is open daily from 10am-6pm in summer and from 10am-5pm in winter. We are open every day, with the exceptions of 1st January, 27th July, 25th December and 26th December.

  • Every day at 2.30pm there is a re-enactment of Patrick Pearse's iconic speech at the graveside of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa on the latter's funeral which took place in Glasnevin Cemetery on 1st August 1915. This event occurred mere months before the Easter Rising of 1916 which eventually led to Ireland becoming a Republic.

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The tour runs Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays at 13.00pm

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Glasnevin Cemetery Museum
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