Manila: популярные туры и билеты


The name Borawan is a combination of two of the most popular tourist destinations for a beach getawa...

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It's definitely more fun here in the Philippines especially if you consider yourself a traveler and ...

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Панорамные виды

Get ready to explore Baguio like never before. From iconic photo spots to strawberry farm, president...

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Visit the world's smallest volcano, Taal Volcano. Located in Tagaytay City, going here takes approxi...

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Пеший туризм

Spend your day hiking and taking part in white water rafting and other fun activities at Quezon Nati...

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Freedom on two wheels is the ultimate experience. Get on a handmade bamboo bike and peddle your way ...

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Панорамные виды

A sacred grounds and pilgrimage site for everyone wishing to repent, give thanks and pray for healin...

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Come and explore Hundred islands on this full day island hoping fun adventure and witness the beauty...

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Take part in this full day sightseeing tour to Tanay, one of the many exciting destinations in the P...

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