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Langhe Roero Sightseeing Tour

Verfügbarkeit: Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Dauer: 1 day
Sprachen: English, Italian, French, German
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  • Four itineraries among the hillsides awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO
  • Visit independently all the main towns of Langhe Roero
  • Discover secrets and curiosities of Langhe Roero with multilingual audioguide

Four connection lines between Langhe and Roero, with on board narration: the tourist service of a metropolis, adapted to the smaller reality of these hills. The classic hop on – hop off system offers tourists the opportunity to use this means of transportation to visit the territory.

We provide convenient and panoramic transportation to enable you to visit the principal towns of Langhe Roero. Travelling in this area is easy and fun!

33 locations: an unforgettable and unique experience in hills declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4 itineraries departing from Alba, to discover villages, towns and landscapes in complete autonomy, through the tradition and culture of the Langhe Roero.


With 4 lines connecting 33 towns and cities of Langhe Roero, with wide availability of schedules and stages, you can:

  • Independently visit all the major communities of the Langhe Roero when you want, according to the timetable
  • Admire the magnificent landscapes of Langhe Roero from the comfort of your coach seat
  • Discover, thanks to the multilingual audio guide, the stories, secrets and curiosities of each location


1. Choose the zone and the villages that you want to visit and look for the route most suitable for you: RED LINE, GREEN LINE, PURPLE LINE, YELLOW LINE

2. Consult the timetable to better organize your tour, please refer to the PDF file to see the timetable.
3. Head to the chosen stop, at the time most convenient for you.

4. Give your E-ticket directly to the driver.
5. Use the free audioguide for a narrated tour, village by village, and admire the marvellous hilly countryside of Langhe Roero.
6. Get off at the stop you want.


Exciting tour to the Langhe, among castles and vineyards! A thrilling journey through the Langhe, travelling through its famous ancient villages, to discover castles, monuments and breathtakingly beautiful countryside, all of which convey its history. The vineyards are the real star of the tour, for the impressive impact the landscape makes and the historic nature of the wine they produce.


Discovering the Langhe among the UNESCO heritage site hillsides. A panoramic route through several towns of the Langhe, until you reach the neighboring municipalities of Bra, Pollenzo and Cherasco, places of great interest in terms of history, as well as of food and wine. An exciting journey among the hills of wine and truffles where you can actually breathe the history and culture, and appreciate the food and wine of these lovely places.


Journey in the Langa of Barbaresco and Roero. A route that will lead you to discover the Barbaresco vineyards, going through its hillsides and countryside, through the neighboring villages of Langhe, to arrive at the heart of Roero, with its castles and grape varieties, such as Arneis. An impassioned tour amongst the landscapes of Langhe Roero, to get to know the two zones declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.


In the land of Langhe and Monferrato. Passing through the Langhe, the tour also moves on to Monferrato, for the discovery of the land of Moscato, with its ancient vineyards and rich history, and its heritage, both cultural and in terms of food and wine. What makes this area unique are the typical "underground cathedrals", historic wine cellars that wind for kilometers under the hills. This is a tour that, from the town of Alba, arrives at the first villages in the province of Asti, area of great wines and literary culture.

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  • Langhe Roero sightseeing bus tour
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  • Guided tours
  • Guides
  • Entrances to individual attractions of every stage
  • Free for children and young people under the age of 13 years (accompanied by adults)
  • Free for over 75 and people with disabilities (with their companions)
  • Reduced for young people between the ages of 14 and 18 years

Piazza Garibaldi, 3E, 12051 Alba CN, Italy


You can get on and off at any of the bus stops.

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  • Your E-ticket is not redeemable.
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The service is available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, till 15 November 2015, at 9:15 am

To see the stops and timetables of the all lines, please download the PDF

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Langhe&Roero Sightseeing - ATI Trasporti Interurbani SpA
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