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Adrenaline rush
Tandem Skydive over the Grand Canyon
Disponibilidade: Daily
duração: 3 hours
Idiomas: English
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  • Freefall with the beautiful Grand Canyon as your backdrop while attached to an experienced USPA qualified instructor
  • Feel an adrenaline rush as experience the ultimate thrill of tandem skydiving
O que esperar

Naked Skydive - The skydive is Naked, not you! (Certificate of Achievement)

Keeping it simple, focus on doing the thing you came to do– jump out of a moving aircraft at high altitude. The flight up will give you breathtaking scenes over the Grand Canyon. After walking to the jump aircraft, you will be greeted by the friendly pilot. You’ll have a 30-minute flight where you can relax and enjoy views of the Grand Canyon.

Your tandem instructor will indicate when to get ready, attach your harness and double check everything to get ready. When the jump door is opened, you’ll have a chance to sit on the edge before taking the leap while attached to your experienced USPA qualified instructor.

Freefalling is the ultimate adrenaline rush– once the canopy opens, take the time to enjoy the surreal experience of the flight swooping back down to earth.

Grand Canyon Experience (photos + video + Certificate of Achievement)

This option includes your tandem skydive with still photos and digital video so you can relive your skydiving experience over and over

Using wrist-mounted high-resolution cameras, instructors capture your entire skydive experience for you to share with your friends and family. The Paragon Skydive video will include; a pre-flight interview, the amazing flight up, your free fall, canopy ride and landing back at the airport. Professional video editing staff will put together the best shots to the music of your choice*

A video is recommended especially if it’s your first jump! This once in a lifetime experience is not something you are going to want to forget. A video will be given to you on a USB for easy upload and share with friends with a selection of music will be available

Extreme Experience (photos + video + extreme extras + paragon skydive t-shirt + IMAX movie ticket + Certificate of Achievement)

This option includes your tandem skydive, photos, video and only for real thrill seekers– pull and fly your own parachute with the safety of your tandem instructor behind you! You’ll be given training on the ground on the procedures of pulling the parachute and steering methods before taking to the sky to experience this thrill.

You’ll also get one exclusive T-shirt! To make your experience at the Canyon even more amazing, also included is a ticket to the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center’s - IMAX Movie: Grand Canyon - The Hidden Secrets, the most watched IMAX movie of all time.

*Please note: You must read and agree to the terms and conditions prior to booking your skydive.

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O que está incluído
  • Naked Skydive - The skydive is Naked, not you!
  • Tandem skydive onlyCanyon Experience:
  • Skydive
  • Photos
  • VideoExtreme Experience:
  • Skydive
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Extreme Extras
  • T-shirt
  • Ticket to IMAX Grand Canyon Movie at the National Geographic Visitor Center

3551 Airport Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, Сполучені Штати Америки

O que lembrar
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your booking to be confirmed
  • By making a booking you agree to all terms and conditions, including; but not limited to, the ones listed on this page
  • You will need your photo ID for check-in as per regulations and you can decide which jump type or add-on package you would like to do
  • What to wear:
    • It is recommended that you wear casual clothing that is not restrictive; something that you would normally wear for light exercise is ideal
    • Closed toe, flat, footwear such as sneakers or trainers are mandatory
  • Inclement weather conditions including extensive cloud and/or strong winds – management reserves the right to cancel operations for safety reasons
  • Tandem students cannot have consumed any illegal drugs or alcohol in the 8 hours preceding your skydive
  • It is recommended you do not partake in Skydiving if you have gone scuba diving within the previous 24 hrs
  • Please eat and drink (non-alcoholic) like normal on the day of your jump so you don’t want you to faint and miss your jump
  • All jumpers are required to sign a health declaration and indemnity/waiver form prior to skydiving
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  • Morning:
    • 6.30am (20 April - 30 September)
    • 8.00am (March - November)
    • 10.00am
  • Afternoon: 12.00pm, 2.00pm
  • Evening: 4.30pm to 7.00pm (1 May - 20 September)
  • Business hours
    • Summer Skydiving: 6.30am-7.00pm
    • Winter Skydiving: 10.00am-4.00/5.00pm - (last skydive is 1 hour before sunset)
    • Reservations: 8.00am - 6.00pm
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Paragon Skydive
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Boas notícias! Nenhuma taxa extra é aplicada a esta reserva.

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