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Battambang Biking Tour: Tradition and Modernity in Village Life

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  • Ride miles of rural roads to reach stunning villages and temples and help support community programs to raise living standards..Get to know the backstories of two different villages, each with its own customs and ways of life..Witness historic architecture ranging from French colonial ruins to a Buddhist monastery.
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Embark on an adventurous ride of a lifetime through the countryside beyond Battambang to learn about the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity in Cambodian village life. Begin the day by riding right away, stopping at a few French colonial architecture sites in town to view what remains from a fallen legacy of the past. Then, ride miles of breathtaking countryside roads and arrive at a rural Muslim village. Interact with families who are eager to share their everyday lives, family histories, and traditions. Next, visit another village to learn about the distinctive traditional houses the locals live in. Meet an ex-soldier who will tell the gripping story of his past and his work as a fortune-teller and healer. After a full Cambodian-style lunch at a family home, we will continue through acres of beautiful rice fields to reach a Buddhist temple. Here, learn about monastic life and the daily rituals of dedicated monks before we return back to town. This is the fullest experience available for daring travelers: a fulfilling day-long cultural immersion like no other that covers the distance of an entire marathon!
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