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Bogota Walking Tour: Discover the Street Art Scene

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  • Explore Bogota's vibrant street art scene while supporting local art and artists..Discover Bogota and its history from a unique urban art perspective..Learn about different graffiti techniques as you admire works of art around the city.
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Walking around Bogota, you are sure to notice the vibrant street art adorning the walls--don't just take photos of these beautiful artworks around the city, but learn who, why, how and what inspires these artists! Come along the Bogota Graffiti tour to see the best of the street art, and discover the city from a unique perspective.Bogota Graffiti Tour is a two and half hour private walking tour around hip La Candelaria and the bustling Centro Bogota area. Learn about this dynamic, creative, and prolific scene from your tour guide, who is either a graffiti artist or involved in the urban art scene. Gain deep insights into the legality, techniques, materials, socio-political messages hidden in the art, and the deeper meaning within the context, risks, politics, and artists of Colombia.
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