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Bear Sanctuary, Bran Castle and Brasov's old town

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Duración: 7 hours
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  • Visit the biggest bear sanctuary in Europe
  • Explore Bran Castle, the most visited medieval fortress in Romania
  • Discover Brasov's old town, one of the biggest in the southern part of the Austrian - Hungarian Empire
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Brasov is one of the first seven cities built in Transylvania by the Saxons in the 13th century and became the most important economic center of the empire shortly after. Its richness attracted many merchants from all ever Europe and the Middle East, but also a lot of trouble. First, Tartars coming from the north-east of Asia across the Eural mountains, and later the Ottamans and the Austrians and Turkish again. They all wanted a piece of this wonderful town!

Bran Castle is the most visited military fortress, built by the Saxons in the 14th century, and is believed to be the house of Count Dracula, a ruthless Wallachian King who faught against the Turkish invasion in Europe for most of his life. In 1897, Bram Stoker, an Irish writer, released the novel Dracula and made our hero famous world wide.

The Bear Sanctuary is found in Zarnesti, a small town between Brasov and Bran Castle. Its existence is due to a group of great people who managed to convince the mayor of Zarnesti to donate almost 60 ha ( ~ 6.5 mil square feet) of land, a location used now to host almost 100 bears gathered from closed zoos and circuses from across the country. These bears, used to life with humans, don't hibernate. It is a spectacular opportunity to see brown bears playing in the snow, as so often happens here!

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  • Guided tour with an expert tour guide
  • Round trip transportation
  • Lunch at a traditional Romanian restaurant in Bran
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  • Please note: Children under seven years of age are not allowed inside the bear sanctuary

Piata Sfatului 30, Brasov 500025, Romania

Lugar de encuentro:

At the fountain in front of the City Council House

  • There is a minimum of 2 people required per booking
  • A small amount of walking is involved - please dress comfortably
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Children under seven years of age are NOT allowed inside the bear sanctuary

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Tuesday to Sunday at 9.00am

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Transylvanian Wonders S.R.L.
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