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Panoramic tours
Tour of Sardinian Trexenta with bread and pasta making workshop
Disponibilidad: Tuesday-Sunday
Duración: 4 hours
Idiomas: English, Italian, Spanish
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  • Journey through the natural beauty of Trexenta
  • Visit the remains of the Romanesque church of Saint Bartholomew
  • Discover the traditional values and principles in the Museum of Wheat
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Your tour begins with an exciting journey to discover the excellence of one of the most fascinating areas of Sardinia: Trexenta. It is an area surrounded by lush, green countryside, where the abundance of water and favorable weather conditions have always allowed for a rich production of oil, wine and cereals. Due to the fertility of its landscape, different populations have chosen to live there over the centuries. The name is likely be linked to the legend of the “trecento oppida,” three hundred fortified villages that over the centuries have become, to a great extent, disappeared villages. You will visit the remains of the Romanesque church of Saint Bartholomew, located in "Sebera", one of the oldest villages in this area. A characteristic feature of this territory is certainly the grain, and it is to this noble cereal that we dedicate our itinerary by visiting the Museum of Wheat.

Located in the main house "Serra" of the town Ortacesus, the museum was designed to document the tradition of cereal cultivation in Sardinia. The museum is organized into four indoor and two outdoor sections. Among the most important pieces, the exhibition includes a grinding wheel made of wood, rather than stone, to grind the grain. You are not faced with just a museum where curious objects of culture and tradition of the cereal are exhibited, but with an active institution, a place of memory that communicates with the present to transmit values and knowledge. The tour also includes a particularly engaging workshop on the preparation of bread and pasta.

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  • Transportation
  • Guided tour
  • Entrance to museum
  • Bread making workshop
  • Possibility to travel in a minibus (9 seats)
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Prices indicated are per person for groups:

  • 1-2 persons
  • 3-8 people
  • 9-16 people

Children 5 and under are free of charge

Calata Azuni, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy
Lugar de encuentro:
  • Pick-up is included either from the port (meet in front of the info point) or within 10 km from Cagliari. You can provide your address for pick-up at the time of booking.
  • Language: English, Spanish, Italian and Sardinian
  • Possibility to travel in a minibus that seats nine (included)
  • Minimum of 2 participants
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  • Everyday excluding Monday
  • Departs at 9am
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Musement S.p.A.
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