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Chinchero Culture Tour: Be Immersed in the Urquillos Community

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  • Experience the rich history and traditions of Urquillos while supporting sustainable development and education..Trek through a ravine toward the Sacred Valley on your way to meeting the Urquillos community..Visit the famous Salt Mines of Moray, an ancient Inca archaeological site.
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Explore the Andes through this tour of Urquillos's culture and history. Enjoy traditional foods and meet local community members during a lunch in the community. Take a trek into the sacred valley to immerse yourself in the archaeology and history of the Inca Empire by visiting various ruins. Explore the remains of the palace of the king known as “the young mighty one” as well as the famous Salt Mines of Moray, where salt has been harvested for centuries. Day 1:6:00 pm Meet up at a local hotel.7:30 pm DinnerDay 2:7:00 Enjoy a traditional Andean breakfast to begin the day!8:00 Trek through the ravine toward the sacred valley. Later on your hike, take in the view at a waterfall. Then, get to know the Urquillos community. 12:00 pm Share lunch in Urquillos with a women's group of chicken cultivators.1:30 pm Visit the archaeological ruins of the Palace of Huayna Kapaq, a powerful Inca king known as “the young mighty one” in Urubamba.2:30 pm Visit the Center of Agricultural Research of Moray. Explore the Salt Mines of Moray, an incredible archaeological site where salt has been harvested since the time of the Incas (entrance ticket not included).5:00 pm Return to Chinchero and later to Cusco.
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