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Bolivia Camping Tour: Experience Local Life and Explore the Wild

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  • Take a 5-day trip into the Andean rainforest while supporting community enterprises and environmental conservation..Hike the Toro Valley Canyon and trek to Villa Tunari while experiencing the beautiful views and interesting wildlife..Learn the art of textile handcrafts from local women in the Cochabamba community.
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Explore the unique sites of the jungle in the Andes on an enriching adventure through rain forests and paleontological sites while getting to know the local community on this five-day tour!Day 1: Start your trip at 6:30 am from the city of Cochabamba to the town of Toro Toro, an area full of history and paleontological sites. After a four-hour journey, arrive just before noon to find your accommodation and enjoy lunch. In the afternoon, make a visit to the cave of Umajalanta, where you can find amazing fish that have been blinded by the total absence of light inside the caverns and can discover stalactite formations. Later on, visit paleontological sites to observe the traces of dinosaurs left in Toro Toro and get a feel for the place's history, before ending your day's tour at 6 pmDay 2: Begin your day at 7:30 am with an energizing hike of the Toro Valley Canyon. Witness the impressive views and the beautiful flora, fauna, and waterfalls of Toro on a 3- to 4-hour trek before heading back to the village for lunch. Later in the afternoon, you will return to the city of Cochabamba to spend the night in the town. Day 3: At 7:00 a.m., start your exploration of the city of Cochabamba with trip to a scenic spot at Villa Tunari. After a 3- to 4-hour journey, you will arrive for lunch and settle into your room at the lodge of the Kawsay enterprise. In the afternoon you will be able to explore the guacharos and bat caves of Cochabamba while your guide provides you with interesting information about the beautiful rainforest. End your day with a relaxing afternoon by the river to watch for native birds or swim!Day 4: After a nice breakfast, you can visit the coconut groves and even have a chance to participate in fun, agricultural activities with a local family. Following this, you will visit the "Machía" park to discover forest species, exotic flowers, and tropical crops and to observe the volunteers working on the reinsertion of wild animals to the jungle. After this exciting wildlife walkthrough, enjoy lunch in the village before returning to the city of Cochabamba and heading straight to the mountains. You will arrive at night for dinner and an overnight stay in the Aymara-Quechua community of Chuño Chuñuni.Day 5: After breakfast, take an hour-long walk in the potato fields to discover the incredible biodiversity of the Andes while accompanied by a local guide who will regale you with local stories. After lunch, women of the community will demonstrate the process of making textile handicrafts, from the obtaining of the flame fiber to the finished product. At sunset, rejoice with the locals and the music and dance of the region before returning to Cochabamba.
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