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Cusco Culture Tour: Discover Farming Communities in the Andes

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  • Visit Andean communities and learn about their rich heritage while helping enrich and preserve Andean culture..Explore the Center for Interpretation of Andean Cultures with the members of the "Papa Tarpuy" association as your guide..Discover how the locals use traditional tools like the lampa or the chaquitaqlla as they work on the farm.
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Just 45 minutes from the city of Cusco, you will find a community of farmers that have maintained the customs of the Andean mountain communities since the times of the Inca Empire: the "Ayni," maintaining the work and communal life like the ancestors before them.The Andean Cultivation Interpretation Center is unique throughout the region. There the community members of the "Papa Tarpuy" association will show you the tools they used centuries ago for their farm-work, such as the lampa or the chaquitaqlla, ancient farming tools. You will also learn about the more than 3,000 varieties of potatoes that Peru has, its cariety of corn and native grains such as quinoa. 8:30 AM: Go from your hotel to the community of Matinga on board the service van Througout the drive the guide informs you about the lives of these farmers, like those of the Matinga community. You also learn about responsible tourism, which is what the organization respects and follows. 9:15 AM: Upon arrival, the community will welcome you with a ceremony. A mutual introduction between the "Papa Tarpuy" association and visitors will be held. Then a small tour of the facilities will begin.9:45 AM: Visit of the Center of Interpretation of Andean Cultures with the members of the "Papa Tarpuy" association, who will tell you the stories behind the art pieces, tools, and the crops that are on display.11 AM: Tour of the families' farm to see their crops. There you can see how the locals use traditional tools like the lampa or the chaquitaqlla as the work on the farm. You also get a chance to plow with the yoke of oxen, if you want to try it.12 PM: Enjoy a picnic lunch of savory delicacies cooked in the association's traditional adobe kitchen.12:45 PM: A farewell ceremony will cap your day before you return from Matinga to Cusco. You will arrive at your hotel at approximately 1:30 pm.You can also choose to extend your stay at the Center for Interpretation of Andean Crops.Please note: small groups (1-2 travelers) will be accommodated by public transport instead of private transport.
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