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Kalibo Hike Tour: Experience a Community-Run Eco Park
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  • Visit the exotic home of over 1.6 million locally-planted mangroves, and help the surrounding community grow alongside these lush trees..Enjoy a guided nature stroll along our exotic bamboo boardwalk with a spectacular view of the picturesque forest greenery..Reward your taste buds with some of the local delicacies and try the “tamilok”, a mangroves wood worm!
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Hike through the man-made forest of Kalibo on misty bamboo boardwalks. Listen to the ambient sounds of Filipino wildlife and hear the soft rustling of the rustic trees on your journey through the natural world. Witness the captivating sight of the preserved mangroves that you are helping to protect. Visit the nearby beach and see majestic waves crash on the shore. Enjoy one of our succulent local meals made with native produce. If you're feeling brave, taste “tamilok”, a mangroves wood worm that locals nibble on!Upon taking in all of the spectacular sights and sounds of the forest, gain an understanding of our motivation to raise awareness for this extraordinary slice of environmental diversity. For the past twenty years, Kasama's work has helped expand the forest by over 175 hectares and has supported the quadrupling of trees over that same span, and now you will be helping to continue that work!
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