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Taal Lake Adventure Tour: Visit a Unique Volcanic Island

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  • Visit the stunning Taal Volcano in Lipa City, and help support Taal Lake and the local communities surrounding it..Embark on a scenic boat ride through the breathtaking Taal Lake and experience the historic Taal Volcano..Unwind at the volcano's hidden island and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the exotic plant life.
Taal Lake is the 8th wonder of the world! Its rich history, colorful scenery, and vibrant local communities make it one of the Philippines' most unique attractions. Take a boat ride to the volcano. Learn about the biology and eruption history of the region. From the volcanic island, travel on horse or by foot to discover the magnificent perspectives offered by an island within a lake, within an island, within a lake! An exotic treat of fresh coconut juice is prepared to refresh you, as well as a native lunch of Batangas fusion cuisine. Overnight accommodations in our loft or cabanas are available for an additional fee.
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