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Mumbai Arts & Crafts Workshop: Painting with Special Handcrafters
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  • Visit a unique workplace training center for local special needs adults in Mumbai and help promote their progressive holistic development..Discover a unique workplace environment where hearts and minds of special needs adults and the lives they touch can be forever altered..Spend a meaningful morning interacting with special needs handcrafters in making their skillfully designed creations.
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Looking to attend an inspirational workshop while visiting Mumbai? Ever wonder what a day in the working life of a special needs adult is like? Join us (weekdays from 9am - 12pm) at the Gaondevi Temple in the Santa Cruz area for the most meaningful three-hour experience of a lifetime. Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by our friendly staff eager to guide them through Mann's entrance on a floor above the temple for a complimentary one-hour tour of the unique workplace training center where hearts and minds of special individuals and the lives they touch are forever altered. Enter the workstations of Mann's Employment Cell where you will spend about an hour to meet, greet, and observe Mumbai's most proactive and able group of special needs individuals while they perform activities such as stitching and tailoring, filing and typing, and creating and painting decorative handicrafts for the Mann Shop.The highlight of the tour comes next as you participate in a workshop by interacting with the hand-crafters in making their simple but skillfully designed creations. From kitchen coasters and trivets to bookmarks and journals, or even earrings and trinkets: All Mann Made Handicrafts are adorned with rich motifs of Indian culture. Complimentary coffee or tea and a snack will be provided during a short break of the visit.
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