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New Delhi Educational Tour: Discover Empowering Ventures in India

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  • Spend a meaningful two hours visiting with Thrive Seed India's founder, project volunteers, and beneficiaries of important community initiatives while helping to provide safe and nurturing learning environments for young women in India..Take a unique walking tour of New Delhi under the friendly guide of a former student of a Thrive Seed school..Learn about and witness the significant impact of the empowerment ventures on Indian women and children, firsthand.
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Spend a meaningful two hours visiting the project areas of Thrive Seed India to learn more about their important initiatives for Indian women and children, and discover the significant impact on their lives and communities. During this special tour, you will meet with the organization's founder and share a cup of chai at her home. Then, enjoy a chat with volunteers and adult beneficiaries of the empowering ventures. Next, the highlight of the tour begins as you participate in a unique walking tour experience. This will be your greatest opportunity to witness the recipients of Thrive Seed initiatives firsthand, the underprivileged communities and a school, all under the friendly guide of a former student. Lunch will be provided as part of this educational tour.
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