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Paris WW2 historic discovery tour

Доступность: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Продолжительность: 3 hours
Язык: English
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  • A one-of-a-kind historic journey through the dramas of WWII
  • See tangible remnants of each battle: bullet holes, tank damage, etc.
  • Revisit the trials and tribulations of Jewish life under Nazi rule
  • Discover stories of the French Resistance fighters and other brave heroes
  • A small group tour so you get full interaction with your guide

Are you a history buff? Or maybe looking to fill a few gaps in your knowledge of the Second World War? Dive deep into this intriguing and fascinating era as you embark on a historical journey through the key moments of the German Occupation in Paris.

Beginning with the somber days of the Nazi invasion, you’ll revisit the triumphs and tragedies of the past as a knowledgeable guide reveals hidden details and forgotten stories of food rationing, curfews, and other hardships. Explore the city’s Jewish quarter to learn about the difficulties of daily life under German rule, an existence riddled with the fear and uncertainty of constant roundups and deportations. Uncover surprising plot twists of collaboration and anti-Semitism that still today cast a dark shadow over the events of the time.

But this story has good guys in it too, so your guide will also recount the hopeful and courageous stories of those who risked life and limb to protect the persecuted, including the efforts of the underground Resistance movement that would light the spark of insurrection and help liberate Paris from its oppressors. Heroes like De Gaulle, Leclerc, and the famed Monuments Men will all get a mention. Learn shocking details of Hitler’s ultimate plan for Paris and how the city narrowly escaped certain doom thanks to the actions of one man.

This captivating historical tour is sure to please history fans of any caliber, leading you to where the battles for France’s freedom played out and casting a light on the defining moments of Paris’ darkest hour.

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  • Complimentary drink at a top notch cafe
  • Professional guide
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  • Extras
115-117 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris, France
Место встречи:

Meet your guide just outside the "Saint Paul" metro station (line 1), close to the carrousel.

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  • The tour is operated in English
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  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday except special events
    Departure: 2.00pm
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