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Cusco Adventure Tour: Trek Through the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest
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  • Embark on a four-day journey through the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and support biodiversity conservation in the jungle..Visit the colorful village of Paucartambo and the scenic port of Atalaya..Explore the jungle at night with the help of a knowledgeable guide and search for animals that can only be found under the cover of darkness.
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The Conservation Center Reserve Tierra Linda gives visitors the opportunity to get a taste of the Amazon and experience the unparalleled beauty it has to offer. On Day 1 you will begin your journey into the jungle! Along the way, you will make two stops—one for breakfast in the picturesque, colonial town of Paucartambo on the border of the Highlands and the jungle where the annual Virgen del Carmen festival is held, and another for lunch at a hidden spot within the Amazon where hopefully you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the national bird of Peru, the Andean cock-of-the-rock. Later on, once you've arrived at the lodge, you'll be able to rest after the 7-hour trip, have a snack, and explore the area a bit. In the evening, you'll have dinner before going on a short, guided night walk and meeting some of those jungle dwellers who only come out at night.On Day 2, you will rise with the sun, enjoy a nutritious breakfast, put on your rubber boots, and embark on your first hike deep into the jungle! After exploring for a couple of hours, you will have a break for lunch at the shore of a river. Well-fed and rejuvenated, you will continue your walk, keeping an eye out for different jungle animals like monkeys and anteaters along the way. Later, once you've arrived at the lodge, you will be able to shower, rest, and share your experiences with other visitors during snack hour. After dinner, you will have the option to go to bed or set out on another night walk along a different route. On Day 3, you will wake up before dawn and travel to the nearest port of Atalaya. From there you will take a boat to a special spot where you can observe the parrots' curious body cleansing and eating ritual, followed by a delicious breakfast on the shore of the impressive Madre de Dios river. Then, view the spectacular ceiba trees and visit an oxbow lake where you may see small caimans, prehistoric birds such as the Hoatzin, and more! Later, on the way back to headquarters, you will stop at the port of Atalaya for lunch and a quick bath in the Carbon River. You will also stop at a rescue center where you will be able to see animals that have been rescued from captivity. By late afternoon you will return to the lodge in time for a shower and a snack. You'll have the opportunity to spend the rest of the afternoon reading, writing, discussing your recent discoveries, playing football with the lodge staff, or preparing for the next day's departure. You will enjoy a goodbye dinner before going to bed. On Day 4, you will leave the lodge after breakfast and make your way back to Cusco. The Conservation Center Reserve Tierra Linda will provide private transportation and snacks for the journey. You will make a short stop in Paucartambo to stretch your legs before arriving back in Cusco in late afternoon.
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