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Travel for a cause

Haiti Educational Tour: Dolphin and Whale Watching

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  • Enjoy sailing and swimming in Haiti's beautiful beaches, and help efforts to conserve its precious marine life..Become part of the project through learning how to identify unique animal species..Hit the open seas in search of Whales and Dolphins indigenous to the Haitian beaches.
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Step aboard and join Haiti Ocean Project for a one-of-a-kind dolphin and whale watching tour! This tour is expertly designed to follow the path and migration of these larger than life marine mammals --including the sperm and dwarf sperm whales, pantropical spotted dolphin, and short-finned pilot whale. Dive right into the action as you learn how to identify marine species and become part of the marine conservation project yourself. Have a conversation with the captain and local fisherman, and connect with the culture of Haiti while enjoying lunch on board with local tour and fishing guides. Still not enough? Visitors have the option to dive into the crystal blue waters of Haiti and swim alongside the unique wildlife and reefs. The boat is fully equipped with snorkel gear and underwater cameras to capture that perfect moment and make this a trip you will never forget! The tour package includes a 4-hour whale/dolphin watch tour, a swim at beautiful white sand Bananier Beach, as well as lunch featuring local Haitian cuisine and a beverage.Come explore the Haitian Ocean like never before!
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