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Jordan Discovery Tour: Shepherding in the Hills of Petra

Durée: Flexible
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  • Learn the tradition and importance of shepherding in the lives of Jordanians while supporting community development in Petra..Cook and taste delicious Galayeh Bandoora, a traditional Jordanian dish made over an open fire..Discover the hills surrounding Wadi Musa, and immerse yourself in the life of a shepherd.
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Spend some time with a shepherd tending to their flock! Experience a way of life that has not changed for centuries and marvel in the beauty of traditions and customs passed on through the ages. In the hills around Petra and Wadi Musa, shepherds head off at the first light, with the flock falling into line, each sheep with their place. The bleating of the sheep and gentle guttural “Hey, hey,” of the shepherd creates a “symphony of the hills.”An English-speaking host will meet you at A Piece of Jordan's office, then transport you to the location of the flock, where you will meet the shepherd. Learn from the shepherd how the sheep move to the clanging of the bells. Then watch him expertly milk a few sheep. The fresh milk will be heated over a fire, and with plenty of sugar added, you will have the opportunity to taste this sweet drink. A pot of Jordanian tea will also be freshly brewed if the milk isn't quite to your taste. Younger guests might enjoy a ride on the shepherd's donkey. After enjoying the tea and milk, begin cooking one of the most popular meals in Jordan: Galayah Bandoora, a dish of fresh tomatoes and spices cooked over an open fire. Galayah is a simple, yet wonderfully delicious meal. When cooked outdoors on the fire, it is pure dining heaven!When your Galayah is finished cooking, you will be shown how to tear bread the Jordanian way, using it to scoop up the Galayah. Other traditional sides such as labeneh, zait, and zaatar will accompany the Galayah and the fresh bread. More tea will be served. Enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings before being transported back to your accommodation.
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