Costa Rica Discovery Tour: Experience the Indigenous Bribri Culture

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  • Trek your way to the secondary and primary forest of the Keköldi Indian Reserve while supporting the culture and traditions of the Bribri indigenous group..Get to know about the thousands of animals of different species in the country when you climb up to the observatory platform..Share a meal with an indigenous Bribri family within their own home and gain new insight about the culture and history of the aboriginal inhabitants of the area.
Explore an old, abandoned cacao plantation before climbing up the secondary and primary forest of the Keköldi Indian Reserve, an area with great natural and ecological richness. Learn about the culture and traditions of the Bribri Indigenous Group with a certified guide of the community leading the way. You will also get to enjoy the songs of birds, frogs, and other animals. Observe heliconias as well as learn about the medicinal properties of the plants. During the trip, you will make short stops until you arrive at an observation platform, where you can rest and watch birds of prey as they migrate during the two seasons in the year (from August to December and February to May). Be amazed as you see and observe an average of 50,000 to 450,000 animals of different species per season, including hawks, red-headed buzzards, stork herons, and other smaller species.You will continue walking through the tropical forest until reaching a 27-meter- high waterfall, where you can enjoy a good bath. On the way back, you will have lunch with an indigenous Bribri family in their home. Learn interesting facts about the indigenous culture and the customs and ancestral traditions of the Bribri population. You can also purchase souvenirs, like local handicrafts.
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