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Andes Discovery Tour: Explore the Raqchi Inca Archaeological site
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  • Experience the food and traditions of the Raqchi community while helping better the quality of life for community families..Take a guided tour through the incredible Raqchi archaeological site and learn about the region's Inca heritage..Spend a night in a local house and enjoy a demonstration of the creation and decoration of Raqchi ceramics.
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Begin your adventure with a guided tour through the Qapaq Ñan, Qquea route to Raqchi, where you will visit the archaeological site. Then, share a meal of typical local food, prepared with products of Raqchi such as quinoa, corn, potatoes, and guinea pig. Watch a demonstration of the creation and decoration of Raqchi ceramics. Then, enjoy traditional games organized by Asociación Sumaq Ñucchu. Spend the night in the house of a member of the association, and participate in an intercultural exchange, with music from traditional instruments and dancing. Enjoy Andean rituals in the Chaski Wasi, like the Tinkarkuy (permission and salute to the land). Visitors also have the option to add a volcano hike to their tour for an additional cost.
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