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Food & winery tours
Tenuta Mara biodynamic wine tasting
Доступность: Monday to Friday
Продолжительность: 2 hours
Язык: English, Italian
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  • Visit a biodynamic farm
  • Taste typical Romagna wines
  • Admire the enchanting setting of the Romagna hills

Tenuta Mara lies in San Clemente di Rimini, a truly unique reality where the principles of biodynamic agriculture blend perfectly with a passion for music, art and life. Here you will find seven hectares cultivated exclusively with Sangiovese and with a perfect ecosystem that includes 700 bird nests, 50 bat boxes, a small riding school with three horses and a permanent workshop for artists and researchers. Born from the entrepreneur Giordano Emendatori's passion for good wine, music, and art, it is dedicated to his wife and life companion, Mara. Tenuta Mara is a biodynamic farm, an exhibition of external and internal art, and a place where passion is expressed in every nook, from the vineyard to the cellar, the fermentation room, the temple of wine and even the air inside.

It is a complete sensory experience, from the richness of the vegetation to the warmth of the natural materials used for the construction of the building (Tenuta Mara has received the Casa Clima - Wine certification). Experience the tranquility of the widespread music both outside and inside to the liveliness of the colors in the exhibited artworks.

Savoring the MaraMia means feeling the aromas and flavors of Romagna, the entrepreneur's love for his land, and the appreciation of a form of production that follows natural cycles without using chemicals and respects both earth and man. Named by some industry guides as 'The Best Italian Biodynamic Red', MaraMia has no shortcuts. You must enter its world to understand it. A world that throughout the year revolves around the hard work and the hands of the Vignerons, who take great care of every single grain, helping the wine become a fragrant liquid of extreme frankness and complexity, following the holistic principles of Biodynamic Agriculture.

Visiting Tenuta Mara is a joyful sensory experience that begins at the park and the 'en plein air' artworks and continues throughout the vineyard, where the grapes that will become 'MaraMia' develop and grow. It is cradled by Mozartian notes from a sophisticated system of BOSE speakers spread along the rows for 24 hours a day. You enter through a staircase which doubles as a piece of art, and you can access the 'sacred' places of wine: the 'Tinaia', the 'Cellar', the 'Bottaia'. Among the colors of painted vats and Gregorian chants surrounding the wine barrels, you walk through numerous works of art to the Sala della Musica where a Fazioli grand piano enclosed in large windows overlooks the vineyards in the light of Romagna. The tour ends with a glass in your hand and you tasting the MaraMia.

Tasting options:

Guided tour with tasting: This tour includes stops at the most significant places of the Estate: the open-air museum, the wine cellar, the temple of wine, and the exhibition of contemporary art. The experience ends with a tasting of the MaraMia Wine.

Guided tour with MaraMia tasting and bottle: Each bottle of MaraMia contains all the flavors and aromas of Tenuta Mara. This option allows you to immerse yourself in a unique environment and take home a precious souvenir, which will wonderfully prolong the experience: a bottle of MaraMia Wine.

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  • Guided tour of the vineyards and cellar
  • Wine tasting
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  • Transportation (available upon request)

Via Ca’ Bacchino, 1665, 47832 San Clemente RN

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We inform you that due to low temperatures, high levels of humidity and the presence of architectural barriers in production areas, the visit is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. The visit is free for those up to 18 years and there are no tastings for minors.

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Monday through Friday at 11.00am and 4.00pm

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Tenuta Mara
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