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Malaysia Farm Tour: Exploration and Relaxation
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  • Experience lush nature while helping to create jobs and personal income opportunities for local residents..Discover Kiulu, the perfect location for exploration and relaxation..Engage in traditional activities such as rice planting and processing.
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Located in the midst of lush green valleys and hills, Kiulu Farmstay is the perfect getaway for any traveller. Whether you're seeking a romantic vacation or a family trip, Kiulu Farmstay will accommodate to you! Experience nature while staying at the rustic ecolodge and try out some cultural activities such as traditional rice processing, rice planting and rubber tapping. Afterwards, enjoy a local lunch prepared by the people Kiulu and proceed on a leisurely village walk through beautiful landscape. Finish off your day with an evening-time river activity at the Kiulu River for the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure!
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