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Dinner Shows

Tour To Cultural Show and Dinner In Salvador

Доступность: not on Sunday and Tuesday
Продолжительность: 4 hours
Язык: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese
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  • Treat a loved one on a special occasion
  • Dinner included
  • Hotel pickup included
  • Vegetarian meal option available
  • Private guide for a more personalized experience

Revel in the excitement of Salvador´s Carnival year-round at a nightly Bahia show with samba music and professional dancers.

Enjoy prime seating and see dozens of brilliantly costumed performers during an energetic evening that includes live percussion, capoeira, maculele, Candomblé and African Gods dance moves on stage.

Itineraries tailored to contemplate our historic places with nightly ambiances, in order for you to enjoy how Bahian people are proud of their heritage. These tours include dinner in a traditional restaurant, in which the atmosphere is not only charming, but also offers the typical cuisine elaborated by our ancestors, in a mixture of remarkable and unforgettable delicacies and flavors.

The celebrations and festivities in the streets are unique spectacles, but during our nightly experience we will also attend a spectacular show of Bahian culture, which will allow you to gain a better understanding of what Bahia is all about!

The Bahia by nigh tour offer Through music and the sound of drums, you will feel the magic of the sacred dances of the African gods, the dancing waters, Yemanja in her impressive and yet smooth and steady motion.

We will witness the legacy of a resistance struggle through capoeira and maculele, ancestral dances that symbolize the freedom of black people in Brazil, and the beautiful roda de samba, a trademark of Brazilian musicality.


Dique do Tororo

Walking Tour

Historic Center

Cultural Show

Local Traditional Cuisine dinner

Duration - 4hours

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  • private transportation and tour guide in idiom that you require, tickets for visit and show, meal, one bottle of water per person.
Не входит в стоимость
  • extras of this tour description, drinks and tips.

Praça Conselheiro Almeida Couto, 374 - Saúde, Salvador - BA, 40050-405, Бразілія

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Pick up at hotel´s lobby start at 6:00pm

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