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Popular experiences in Santander


The Centro Botín is an arts centre designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, in co-authorship w...

£ 7
Bike Tours

You will visit the caves of El Castillo and Las Monedas in Puente Viesgo. Both are world heritage by...

£ 83
Walking tours

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon visiting Comillas, a town that encompasses all of the elements necessary t...

£ 43
Day trips & excursions

You will leave from Santander towards Fuente Dé at 8.30am and you will arrive around 10.00 am. You w...

£ 117
Day trips & excursions

You will leave Santander towards the village of Potes. To arrive there you will cross the impressive...

£ 86
Water Activities

This is an excursion for people who love nature, mountains and rivers. In the morning you will go to...

£ 95
Day trips & excursions

You will leave from Santander towards the mountains of Rionansa. You will go across valleys, forests...

£ 45
Day trips & excursions

You will depart from Santander towards Altamira Museum, which houses the scale replica of the "room ...

£ 43
Day trips & excursions

This gastronomic visit is focused to enjoy the beauty of the green valleys known as Valles Pasiegos ...

£ 77
Day trips & excursions

The Cabárceno Natural Park is not a conventional zoo or a natural park. It is a space naturalized by...

£ 51
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