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Spiti Valley Discovery Tour: Immerse Yourself in the Himalayas

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  • Spend a night in a local village and learn to thread yak rope while supporting local livelihoods and development projects..Experience true Northern Indian culture as you stay overnight in a local family's home and learn to twine raw wool into traditional yak rope..Ride a yak or hike to a high-up vantage viewpoint over all 18 villages of the Spiti Valley and the Himalayas.
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Immerse yourself in Spiti Valley, a desert mountain valley high up in the Himalayas. Truly experience Northern Indian culture as you explore one of Spiti's most remote villages. Spend the night in a local family's home and gain insight into life in Spiti Valley. Learn how to transform, thread, and twine raw wool into yak rope. Try your hand at this traditional Spiti craft and bring home a unique homemade souvenir. Learn about the eco-friendly initiatives happening in the villages through the organization you are supporting. Venture out of the village on a yak or hike to a spectacularly high vantage point to see all 18 villages of the Spiti Valley--a sight that will truly take your breath away!
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