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Senegal Adventure Tour: Mangrove Trees and a Local Community
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  • Embark on an ecological journey into the exotic Bolong river, and help a local community preserve its marine protected area..Paddle through the tropical mangroves and learn about their unique and exotic history..Experience the exquisite taste of authentic Senegalese cuisine and enjoy the magnificent view of the mangroves on a satisfied stomach.
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Witness the largest mangrove reforestation project in the world. See the beautiful trees that identify our humble community. Choose to canoe through the mangroves on your guided tour, or hike through the trees during low tide. Your local tour guide will teach you the importance and history of our local marine environment. Enjoy the foods that are a cultural staple of Senegalese society, prepared by villagers. Pick oysters and other shellfish with local women. Immerse yourself in our adventurous town and take home memories that will last a lifetime, while protecting the environment you're enjoying!
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