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Animal Trainer - Rrr | Pure

Disponibilidad: Saturday, 21 July 9:59 PM
Duración: Flexible
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When Saturday arrives, the most sensory hedonism seizes La Terrrazza. Elegant and gourmet electronics surrounded by atmospheric sensations are the main ingredients that complete our PURE parties, from 00:00 to 6:30. Ethereal and pure fun under the stars that stretches until the sun rises. Summer in its purest essence.

Animal Trainer
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Since Animal Trainer launched its global holiday campaign, the Swiss duo's unique "slow rave" brand captured the imagination of countless electronic music lovers around the world and spread its gospel to thousands, if not millions, of lovers of music. music. Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson are the two men behind Animal Trainer, a dynamic duo who grew up on a diet of the world's best electronic music artists in their hometown, Zurich. Driven by a passion for music and an insatiable appetite for the party, Adrián and Samy have become two of the best properties on the international circuit and represent the epitome of what the new generation of artists in Switzerland has to offer.

Disko Massaka

Saulo is one of the essential faces in the summer night in Barcelona, being one of the #rrresidentes of LaTerrrazza since 2007 and creating music since 1999. He is busy, restless and hyperactive, and dancing is his thing. With an eclectic style, which drinks from genres such as the Funky-Disco of the 70's, with strong Deep House lines, passing through the Techno Pop of the 80's and the Progressive House. It is part of labels like Disko Massaka or Suerte Records. His closures, and the countless dawns that have seen Saulo ironing his tracks, are pure musical delirium.

Feline | LaTerrrazza

Fernan was born in Barcelona and at an early age he found himself with the most varied sounds of the underground 'condal' scene. An exquisite and infectious taste for music that mixes with versatility, eclecticism, always with strong bass lines, acid sound waves and an unconditional love for tempo variations. Actually, SPFZ is not a dj to look sideways, SPFZ makes you lift your feet off the ground, hypnotizes you in an endless dance, without taboos, or any remorse. Maybe that's why Coyu fell into his spell and today is one of the main cats of Feline, subsello 'vynil only' of Suara. In addition, he is #rrresidente this season 2018 in LaTerrrazza.

Genres: Deep House,Electronic,Tech house

Lines Up: Animal Trainer,Saulo Pisa,SPFZ

Atmospheres: International,Outdoor

Door Policies: Come as you are

Age Policies: +18

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