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Squire - Rrr | Pure

Доступность: Saturday, 14 July 9:59 PM
Продолжительность: Разное
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Squire is one of the most interesting Spanish and international talents on the scene. Born with the soul of a Jazz, it has soon delivered a unique sound that fuses techno and house with an incredible variety of influences. The key to its success has been the focus, respect for the musical tradition and an open eye to the future of electronic music. Keeping his sound in 'Deep' atmospheres, he has quickly created interest and excitement around his name, and is surely one of those he must follow.
Despite his young age, he has already released albums on emblematic labels such as Get Physical, Rebellion, My Favorite Robot Records, Tenampa., Parquet Recordings.

Disko Massaka

Saulo is one of the essential faces in the summer night in Barcelona, being one of the #rrresidentes of LaTerrrazza since 2007 and creating music since 1999. He is busy, restless and hyperactive, and dancing is his thing. With an eclectic style, which drinks from genres such as the Funky-Disco of the 70's, with strong Deep House lines, passing through the Techno Pop of the 80's and the Progressive House. It is part of labels like Disko Massaka or Suerte Records. His closures, and the countless dawns that have seen Saulo ironing his tracks, are pure musical delirium.


In mid-2008, recently graduated in Physical Education, Gustavo began to "play" to be a dj. He quickly began to succeed in classes such as Indoor Cycling or "Spinning", in which he could unite his two passions, sports and music. In 2011, what was still only a hobby became serious and DJ Guto Fernandes began playing at various parties in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. After courses, trips in and out of Brazil and much musical research, Gustavo began to open his mind to the non-commercial aspects of electronic music.
In 2012, with the intention of bringing joy and positive vibrations to the greatest number of people through his musical style, Guto Fernandes began his first great project entitled "GOOD2U".
With musical influences ranging from Frankie Knuckles to Joey Negro, through the richness of Brazilian musical culture, GOOD2U uses and abuses accordions and organic instruments such as piano and saxophone to refine their sets. Driving the dance floor, combines the essences of Deep House, Soulful House, Techno, Funky and Disco House trying to bring to your music some of the fresh vibes of the old days that he has not lived alone.

Therefore, Gustavo decided to really pursue the dream of becoming a respected deejay and music producer. He left a good job in Brazil and moved to Barcelona, where with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture he took an electronic music production course in one of the most respected video and audio institutes in the world (SAE).
Today, living in Europe, GOOD2U has been a very productive deejay, who was asked to play at several parties in Barcelona. As a producer, he has also started making his own rhythms and rhythms with some original voices and disco samples, always trying to put it in the "GOOD2U" concept and also making associations with musicians and producers from around the world.

Genres: Deep House,Electronic,Tech house

Lines Up: Squire,Saulo Pisa,Guto Fernandez

Atmospheres: International,Outdoor

Door Policies: Come as you are

Age Policies: +18

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