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Cruises and boat tours

Folklore show and exclusive guided tour of Budapest Danube Palace

Доступность: Various days
Продолжительность: 2 hours
Язык: English
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  • Feel like a celebrity and order a VIP service with your concert tickets!
  • Watch in awe as these folk dancers perform dances that date back hundreds of years
  • See one of Hungary's most dynamic folk ensembles, performing to authentic music in traditional clothing
  • Continue your night on an optional Danube cruise with drinks or dinner

Treat yourself to a cultural extravaganza as one of the famous Hungarian Folklore Ensembles puts on a 1.5-hour dynamic and magical show of traditional music and dance. Hungary’s best loved ensembles are all about authentic, professional performances.

Hungary is a country known for the art of folk dancing. It boasts its own college dedicated to the study of folk dances, and you can see this expertise firsthand during a 1.5-hour folk performance. You will witness a varied repertoire of music and dance in a unique and exciting venue, as the Danube Folk Ensemble, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and Rajkó Folk Ensemble – 3 of the most highly regarded and professional Hungarian folk troupes – perform at the Duna Palota theater.

Through the dance-theater performance, you will witness a fascinating insight into the costumes, music, and dance heritage of Hungary and its former empire. See this inspiring and talented collective of artists who have entertained people all over the world. Each concert starts at night and consists of two halves of 40-45 minutes, with a break for intermission.

Founded in 1950's and boasting the longest traditions of all Hungarian folk groups, each ensemble consists of 30 artists. The choreography is based on authentic dances, some collected from isolated villages and dating back hundreds of years.

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Входит в стоимость
  • Private transfer from and to your accommodation
  • Best seats in the theatre
  • Private host to attend to you before the concert and in the intermission
  • Free photo
  • Guided tour of the venue
  • Optional cruise with your choice of drinks or dinner
Не входит в стоимость
  • Meals
Место встречи:

Your VIP experience includes pick-up and drop-off service. Please follow the instructions on your voucher to organise it.

Важно помнить

You can choose your cruise inclusions between these options:

  • Dinner cruise: enjoy a buffet dinner on the cruise
  • Drink option: with this option you can enjoy the cruise liner and two drinks (no meals included)
  • Cocktail Option: with this option you can enjoy two cocktails while cruising on the Danube (no meal included)
  • Craft Beer Option: with this option you can taste 5 Hungarian specialties (150ml) + 1 pint free (no meal included)
  • Wine option: with this option you can taste 7 unique Hungarian wines (no meal included)
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  • This activity is available on various days. Please check the calendar for more details
  • The pick-up starts at 6.25pm
  • The guided tour will take place from 7.00pm
  • The concert will start at 8.00pm
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Hungaria Koncert Ltd.
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