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Chinchero Weaving Tour: Weave Alpaca & Sheep Wool into Fine Textiles

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  • Explore the traditional, intricate art of weaving while supporting local artisans and fair trade practices in Cusco..Meet skilled artisans and learn about their craft and culture through a hands-on demonstration..Learn about the unique ñawi awapa border technique, which the weavers use to finalize the whole process and create first-rate products.
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Learn firsthand how weavers transform alpaca and sheep wool into fine textiles by joining a weaving demonstration! Witness how the women of Away Weaving Association work their magic, starting with spinning and moving through each step of the weaving process. Discover the rainbow of colors created from natural dyes. Gain a greater appreciation for the long hours that go into crafting each textile as the weavers show you how to warp, weave, and finally finish with the unique ñawi awapa border technique.
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