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Guatemala City Tour: Experience Daily Life in the Local Community

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  • Experience local urban life in Guatemala while helping foster education and dignity in young, at-risk children..Discover daily life in Guatemala City and connect with local community members over a tasty meal..Visit a local recycled jewelry initiative.
Discover who and what Safe Passage is all about on this informative tour through Guatemala City. You will explore the local communities of Guatemala. Beginning at the General Cemetery, the tour will familiarize you with the dynamics of the communities within the Guatemala City landfill site and the work that Safe Passage does for them. You will visit the Escuelita early education program, the Educational Reinforcement Center, the Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship program, and Creamos, a recycled jewelry initiative created to support Safe Passage. After the tour, you will be invited to Safe Passage's main building where you'll enjoy lunch with local community members. Tour staff will also provide you with information about the community, the program, and the mission along the way. True to the legacy of founder Hanley Denning, this tour will open your eyes to the world at-risk children and families live in and will open your heart with a first-hand view of the work done to improve their quality of education and life.
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