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Adja Discovery Tour: Voodoo Heritage and Community Living

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  • Visit Eco-Benin and support local efforts to organize community projects..Enjoy a “fisherman meal” with locals..Swim through Lake Aheme and learn about the local Voodoo Heritage.
Day 1: Go meet the people of Adja and Xwla and discover their rich cultural heritage. Share stories and experiences with the locals. Then, savor a delicious and authentic “fisherman meal”, a traditional Beninese specialty, at the restaurant Chez Préfet.Day 2: Embark for a relaxing boat tour to explore Lake Ahémé and its surroundings. Connect to nature while listening to the extraordinary stories relating the existence of aquatic divinities, the fetish Avlékété, and the hippopotamus of the lake. Escape in this supernatural universe and eventually return to reality to know more about the local fishing techniques. Don't forget your swimsuit if you want to go for a dip in the fresh water. At lunch, enjoy a traditional meal and get ready for a walk in the villages of Okomé and Séhomi. Immerse yourself in their Voodoo heritage while learning more about traditional rituals, ceremonies and the role of the sacred forest. Then, wander in the barter market of Sehomi where women usually meet in the late afternoon to exchange their products. Day 3: Marvel at the sacred forest of Kpétou and explore its biodiversity while visiting a monkey sanctuary. Get involved in the organization's carbon initiative by collecting mangrove seeds throughout your walk to replant them in order to limit C02 emissions.
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