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Natural wine tasting at Sequerciani in Maremma, Tuscany

Disponibilità: Daily
Durata: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Lingua: English, Italian
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  • Enjoy Maremma overlooking the sea
  • Visit a winery that produce natural wines
  • Taste excellent wines from Maremma
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“Sequerciani is my special project. It came out of a need for something solid in my virtual world. My name is Ruedi Gerber. I am a filmmaker at ZAS Films."

Ruedi Gerber has crafted this place, placing every stone carefully. Likewise with filmmaking, he would like to share this experience with you.
He produces natural wines from indigenous, Maremma grapes - we are in Tuscany - and by re-discovering ancient varietals, in the case of red wines.

The outcome is unique. Sequerciani is ideal for growing grapes for natural wine. Here 8 hectares of modern vineyards are situated 200 meters above sea level. The days are sunny and the nights fresh with gentle sea breezes, yielding grapes with the perfect level of sugar and acidity. The climate also ensures the grapes never accumulate mold.

At harvest time, they carefully select only the best bunches of grapes.
Fermentation occurs by using the natural yeasts from the skins alone. They do not add external yeasts.

Sequerciani wines mature in amphorae, which allow lots of oxygen and keep the flavor of the grapes. They age a small part of their red wines in wood barrels to impart hints of flavor, like spice, and mix it with the amphorae aged red before bottling.
This combined method gives their reds a complex flavor, whilst keeping the integrity of grapes.

Sequerciani wines

They do not filter wines before bottling to let the original flavors, fragrances and colors of grapes express their true qualities.



Well-known in Italy and particularly in Tuscany, Vermentino has a good acidity and freshness with notes of citrus, white peach, and hints of white flowers.
Aged for six months in jars and wood barrels, the new harvest is available for sale in the following spring.
Our Vermentino wine goes well with medium aged cheese, white meat, duck, and fish like salted cod, stockfish and tuna.


Foglia Tonda

Named for the first time at the end of the 19° century, it shares similar characteristics with Sangiovese, with the same power and capacity of long aging but has better flavor and greater elegance than Sangiovese. This elegant red wine is aged for 12 months in amphorae and oak barrels. It has hints of violet and spices like pepper, star anise and incense. Enjoy our Foglia Tonda with pecorino and parmesan, grilled lamb and duck.


This indigenous grape from Maremma was re-discovered in the early 80’s. It has a perfect connection between the body and structure of Sangiovese and flavors and aromas of Montepulciano. It is a full bodied and complex red wine, with elegance and power, personality and character, with notes of cassis, black currant and red berries such as strawberry and raspberry. After vinification, it is aged for 15 months in amphorae and oak barrels.
Pugnitello is ideal with long aged cheese, roast beef, grilled boar and wild game.

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  • Vineyards and winery tour
  • Wine tasting (3 wines)
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  • Transportation (can be arranged upon request)

Strada Provinciale Tatti, 58023 Massa Marittima GR, Italy

Punto d'incontro:

Podere SEQUERCIANI • Strada Provinciale Tatti • 58023 Gavorrano (GR) +39 0566 028053

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  • Minimum 4 partecipants
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Tour openings:

  • Daily
  • 10.00am
  • 3.30pm
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