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Peru Discovery Tour: Daily Life in an Agricultural Community

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  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery of a natural paradise, and help local cultivators grow a better future..Become an artisan for a day and make your own cheese or yogurt with local food producers..Share in the traditional values of the community by participating in the day-to-day lives of the farmers.
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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the industrial world and venture into the bucolic, agricultural haven of San José de Challaca. Located four hours from Ica, San José de Challaca is a small and simple community where you will be embraced into daily life and traditions. Day 1Upon arrival, you will be introduced to one of the local families who will provide you with a weekend of sincere hospitality. Enjoy a nice lunch, then take a tour of the wonderful garden constructed by local farmers. In the evening, you will have the chance to talk to the rest of the members of the community and hear about the innovative town projects being set into motion. End day one with dinner, and prepare for a big day ahead. Day 2Embrace a full day of fieldwork with the townspeople. Start your day by learning how to milk a cow. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, prepared only with fresh products from the same orchard of the community. After breakfast, tour the village's agricultural fields. Learn and participate in the cheese and yogurt preparation, getting a taste of truly fresh dairy! You have the option to continue with field activities, too, preparing the soil to plant the seeds of varied and colorful typical flowers of the region. Eat a well-deserved lunch, and then rest and relax in the garden in a hammock. Experience the old-school way of life by riding horses with us through the small community. Tour the village, church, and nearby river by horseback. Finish off your great day with dinner and a special night of bonfires, drinks, stories, traditional dances and music from Huancavelica. There is a guitar for any musically inclined guests to play!Day 3: After breakfast in the lodging house, learn to make the local “pachamanca” dish. This dish is typical to the Andes and truly a culinary tradition. While the cooking stones are heating, you can help ladies prepare the dish, picking fruits in the garden or walking to the river to take a dip in its refreshingly cold waters. After lunch, the community will offer its warm farewell before you head back to Ica.
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