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Pisco Farm Tour: Explore Livestock & Dairy Production in Peru
Durée: Flexible
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  • Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture as you experience the unique rural environment of Pisco firsthand, while helping to combat poverty in the region..Experience a day in the life of a local family as you learn to milk their goats and cows..Learn how artisanal cheese is produced in rural Peru.
Ce qui vous attend
Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture in the southern city of Pisco! Experience nature and the unique rural environment firsthand. Learn about the rural economic development of Pisco as you spend a day with a healthy livestock family dedicated to the artisanal production of local dairy products. Observe and participate in daily activities on the farm, such as milking goats and cows, distributing livestock grazing, and even learning how to make Peruvian cheese! Tour Itinerary:7 AM – 8 AM: Enjoy a rich breakfast with the group.8 AM - 10 AM: Milk the goats and cows.10 AM -11 AM: Distribute grazing to livestock.12 PM -1 PM: Learn about the complete process of making cheese!1 PM – 2 PM: Enjoy lunch and say farewell.Breakfast, lunch, water, and transportation from Pisco are all included in this tour.
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