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Ionian Islands Discovery Tour: Eco-friendly Trek through Nature

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  • Enjoy the best of Kalamos Island, the Jewel of the Northern Ionian, while supporting the restoration of biodiversity through rewilding..Venture into old-growth forests, experimental farms, and the sparkling Ionian sea..Learn about the history of the island and the organization's work to protect the biodiversity and environment of the region.
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Tour the magnificent mountainous Kalamos Island, called the Jewel of the Northern Ionian Archipelago for its picture-perfect blue waters, quaint towns, and steep verdant terrain, with the knowledge that you are protecting the pristine environment and biodiversity you are enjoying with this ethical, community-based, eco-friendly tour. Your visit begins by the harbor of the main village in Kalamos. Gain an understanding of the ancient history of the island as you tour the village. Learn about the natural world of the Mediterranean and how locals have lived and interacted with the bountiful nature around them for millennia.Venture into the forests that differentiate Kalamos Island from the other Greek Isles with its lush forested slopes. Admire the old-growth forest with hints of the sparkling Ionian Sea below between the trees. Stop by scenic spots to take pictures of the remarkable Mediterranean views before you. Search for the rare black rhinoceros beetle in the deadwood of the mature forest with your experienced local guide, who will educate you on the Ionian region's flora and fauna. Visit the local grassroots organization Terra Sylestris' headquarters outside of the village. Learn about the Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development project, whose environmental protection, restoration of biodiversity, and empowerment and education of local communities you are supporting through your tour. Enjoy the organization's experimental fruit and vegetable farm, and witness their biological field station for environmental work. Return to Kalamos' main harbor, knowing how and why you are aiding in the protection of the beautiful sea and biodiversity before you.
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