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Travel for a cause

Las Terrenas Eco Tour: Plant Mangroves Along the Scenic Shoreline

Duración: Flexible
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  • Plant mangroves near the beautiful rivers of Las Terrenas while helping support educational development in the community..Leave your mark on the local community by planting a new mangrove of your own..Soak up the sun on the beach or enjoy a relaxing swim in the river.
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Plant yourself within the community of Las Terrenas and the Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi Mangrove Project with this environmental tour. Travel to the town's scenic beaches and rivers and leave your mark on the community by planting your own mangrove seedling. You will learn about the town's great history, the current environmental issues and work being done, and the basic steps to planting your mangrove seedlings. Meet the tour leader at the public transport stop with your mangrove seeds ready to plant and become an active member of the community. By planting your seedlings near the river to grow, you will help augment the inherent beauty of the natural environment! Then, take some time to enjoy yourself and soak up some sun on the beach. Swim or relax by the water and enjoy a delicious Dominican lunch of chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian, provided by the tour before heading home.
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