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Nicaragua Adventure Tour: Hike a Volcano

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  • Trek to the top of one of Nicaragua's most active volcanoes and support local organizations working with at-risk youth..Hike to the crater edge of Volcan Telica and hear the roar of lava below..Admire the sunset view from the vantage point of volcanic rocks.
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Visit one of Nicaragua's most active and spectacular volcanoes! Get close to the crater edge and hear the roar of lava deep down. Watch the sun go down from the vantage point of volcanic rocks.Depart from the Quetzaltrekkers office in Leon at 3pm and drive on a rugged dirt road through beautiful jungle until you are are close to the crater. Hike to the top of the volcano, around 40 minutes. Enjoy the view from the top and admire the ocean of lava below. Trek around the crater to the sunset spot, then watch the sun go down while enjoying a sandwich on an active volcano! After sunset, head back to the crater and soak in more of the majestic views. Head back down the volcano and to León, where you will arrive around 9 pm.
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