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Luang Prabang Art Class: Learn Traditional Weaving

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  • Understand the tradition of weaving in Laos and support artisans maintaining the history of this art form..Witness the full process of weaving, from silkworm to textile..Aid the artisans in picking out colors and dyeing the silk.
Enter the Ock Pop Tock weaving studio set beside the banks of the Mekong River, amidst lush gardens and foliage. Join the local artisans through the full process of traditional weaving. Meet the silkworms and learn how to care for these creatures. This includes an explanation of the worms' lives, some interesting facts regarding sericulture, and preparing mulberry leaves and feeding the worms. Next, help prepare the natural dyes sourced from plants grown in the Living Crafts Centre gardens. After choosing colors, you will then dye a scarf! A refreshment break is provided, so enjoy a delicious fruit platter and sip on Laostyle drinks. Share a conversation with the weavers, who introduce you to the looms and different weaving techniques. Lastly, watch an Ikat weaving demonstration and try weaving and spinning, with the help from your guide, for yourself! After you've finished your masterpiece, support these artisans and bring home beautiful, hand woven, fair trade textiles!
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