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Musica Cavernicola Presents Terranova
Disponibilidad: Saturday, 26 May 9:59 PM
Duración: Flexible
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On Saturday 26th of May Siroco club will host Musica Cavernicola´s new event with a reduced capacity, starring the artist from Berlin Terranova as a special guest, who will be accompanied by David Ponziano, Fran Zaragoza, Hakk and the brand´s creators- duo SOSANDLOW

Musica Cavernicola is far from being a new project, the duo from Madrid SOSANDLOW created it two years ago in the shape of a weekly radio programme broadcasted on Ibiza Global Radio in which has sounded important international talents such as Marco Resmann, Smash Tv and Alexander Robotnick, amongst a long list of names. Its extraordinary reception has been the push for its creators to get into a new adventure that seeks to spread the brand´s horizons out.

SOSANDLOW´s objective with their events proposal runs away from pretensions, it's simple but not because of this is it easier to reach, it wants to return to the club scene´s roots, to that moment lost in time in which the only things that mattered were music and atmosphere, without artifices, without pretentious strategies. Reasons that explain by themselves why Siroco club has been chosen for the date on Saturday 26th of May, because of its quality sound, its careful details and its reduced capacity for 200 people to turn it into the perfect place for this unique opportunity to enjoy the German Terranova. Respected international artists due to their eclectic fusion of styles and authentic Kompakt standard, one of the most important labels in the universal history of electronic music. They will be accompanied by some of the spanish capital´s most important talents in the electronic scene such as David Ponziano, the duo SOSANDLOW, Fran Zaragoza and Hakk.

The party is the perfect prelude for the release of Musica Cavernicola´s label, which will see light at the beginning of the summer and whose first reference will be signed by Terranova.

From Madrid´s caverns to the rest of the world, here is Musica Cavernicola.

Genres: Techno

Lines Up: Terranova,Sosandlow,David Ponziano,Fran Zaragoza,Hakk

Atmospheres: Underground

Door Policies: Casual dress code

Age Policies: +18

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