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Auyantepui Discovery Tour: Nature and Culture in Venezuela

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  • Spend 5 days visiting the Kamarata Valley and help support community development in Venezuela..Hike and bike ride through the jungles and valley of Kamarata..Explore the culture of the Pemon Kamaracoto through traditional cuisine, art, music and sports.
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On this unique trip, you will enjoy the nature and culture of a the remote Valley of Kamarata, where traditions have been maintained over time. The Pemon Kamaracoto, an indigenous community in Kamarata, is committed to sustainable tourism development through entrepreneurship to preserve their magical valley. On this 5-day tour, you will visit the community of Pemon Kamaracoto, taste traditional and exotic food with ingredients harvested by the community itself, make handcrafts, dance to native music, participate in their traditional sports, walk and bike-ride through jungles and savannas, and bathe in beautiful rivers. Feel the energy of some of the oldest land on the planet, and connect with the story of the Kamaracotos and make a difference -- all in the shadow of the mighty Auyantepui mountain. This program has been designed and supported by Eposak.
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